Unintentional organizational cultures often result in lack of engagement, “can’t do” attitudes, and weak performance. Culture is what people in the organization believe is expected, attitudes about what is possible, and the norms for behavior. Leadership for intentional culture ensures success.


Understanding the culture of your organization regarding performance is the essential first step towards getting the competitive edge. Our assessment process will:

  • Identify current culture state and provide actionable insights to drive employee performance.
  • Seek insights into leadership practices that are critical to mission success.
  • Ensure legitimacy, confidentiality, and efficiency, as well as safety, trust, and fairness for all stakeholders.

Sample Report

Workplace Culture data report consists of a Summary Report, item-by-item Frequencies and Means tables, and open-ended Feedback.

Key to Data Report and Summary Report: Extract


We will help you act upon your organization’s assessment results to shape a culture of optimal performance — the second essential step towards getting the competitive edge. We will help you unpack data insights, clarify your current and desired states, and communicate with your stakeholders.

We will work with you to design customized solutions based on our research-based framework. Our field-proven tools and strategies will allow your organization to tap into the full potential of your people and your mission.

We will focus on building competencies that drive performance, effectiveness, and efficiency. We will target mindsets that seek innovation, engagement, resilience, and accountability. Ultimately, we will help your leadership team build an intentional culture where the highest level of excellence achieved with integrity becomes the new norm.

Among organizations that have been using EWI Culture Assessment and Development tools and strategies to strengthen their culture are:

Metro Waste Authority"
Chick-fil-A Cicero and Clay"
Joseph's House"
LetUs Academy at Tuskegee University"
MidAmerican Energy"

 I am better, our leaders are better, and our people are better because of the hard work that has been done in partnership with the Institute. 

Charity Allen

Director of People and Culture, Chick-fil-A Cicero & Clay

 Our employees came away from the trainings delivered by The Ray Center in collaboration with the Excellence with Integrity Institute with useful skills and tools they could immediately implement to positively impact their teams.

We appreciate your help in building our future leaders. 

Laura Edwards

Director, Employee Development, Hy-Vee, Inc.

 I use the Excellence with Integrity Elevator Speech every day. It really showed me how to get your point across, show your passion, be done with it, step out of that elevator and see where that seed grows.

Whether it's your supervisor or someone who reports to you, if you can create some passion or show your passion, that's a powerful thing.  

Prarie Meadows University Graduate

 Before, I had unhealthy habits of handling stress, I would just ignore people and, for example, I would disappear for the rest of the day after failing a test.

In the Academy, we learned Excellence with Integrity tools for managing stress. Now I actually try to go talk to the teacher and ask what I did wrong. I try to be more constructive on how I handle things.  

Tuskegee University, LET US Academy Student

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