Leading through Culture and Character

Focus Your Leadership

Intentional culture and intentional habits and mindset of people are at the core of your organization’s success.

We will help you unpack your mission and vision, communicate with clarity, and overcome resistance to change.

Target Performance and Growth

Our CHAMP framework will help you tap into the full potential of your people and your mission. No matter what your goals or objectives, our proven tools and strategies will guide your improvement efforts toward excellence, efficiency, and sustainability.


Forget Perfect, Find Optimal

Our applied research and development work of over 20 years shows that a pathway to optimal performance lies through a synergy of excellence, integrity, individual growth and balance, and the culture of teamwork and community.

We will help you define optimal performance, measure it, and leverage the factors that nurture and sustain it.

Community of Practice

More than a decade ago the Excellence with Integrity Institute and The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University created a partnership to advance our respective visions and missions. Together, we pursue strategic opportunities in youth leadership, employment and STEM readiness, athletics, education, and organizational development in community and workplace environments.

The Institute’s main focus is on research and development of instructional resources, assessment solutions, and tools and strategies for organizational culture development. The Ray Center’s main focus is on coaching, training, and expanding our collaborative implementation projects across Iowa and the nation.


 Our partnership with the Excellence with Integrity Institute has catapulted our work to new heights in the field of civility, character development and ethical leadership over the last decade. From early childhood to the corporate and community environment we work together with a consortium mindset to set shared goals and aligned strategies to transform lives and strengthen communities. 

J. Scott Raecker

Executive Director, The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University

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