To help Catholic schools improve enrollment, retention and the quality of student experience in a focused, sustainable and systematic way, we assist with gathering, understanding, and acting on information from people who care most.


Feedback from parents on the quality of learning, religious formation, school responsiveness to parents, financial value, and other aspects of school experience.

Parent Survey Content

Sample High School Parent Feedback Report (extract)

Sample Elementary School Parent Feedback Report (extract)

Sample preK/Early Childhood Program Parent Report (extract)

The Catholic School Improvement Parent Survey granted our Archdiocesan office a deeper understanding of the current climate in our schools. Not only did it offer a look within each unique school campus, it was helpful to review our aggregate data for a wider view of our current system. Reading the results gifted us a new perspective.

This is especially important as our Catholic schools value parents as our partners. The results of the climate survey fostered an understanding of our parents' celebrations and concerns, which strengthened our commitment to this partnership. Additionally, it was impactful that the domains of the survey are easily aligned with the NESBECS, ensuring our commitment to excellence in Catholic Identity, Academics and Operational Vitality. 

Dené Hummon

Former Director of Recruitment and Enrollment

Department of Catholic Schools,

Archdiocese of San Antonio Schools


Feedback from graduating students about school impact on college and career competencies, school support for individual growth, and readiness for other aspect of life.

Graduating Students Survey Content

Sample High School Graduating Students Report (extract)

Sample Elementary School Graduating Students Report (extract)


Feedback from students and staff on the quality of academic instruction, social competencies and character development, learning environment and school culture, and staff feedback on professional community and school partnership with families.

Student and Staff Survey Content Matrix

Sample Student and Staff Survey Report (extract)

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 We can use the EWI™ Catholic School Improvement data we are collecting to show the accreditation board that we are making continuous improvements. It validates that we are heading in the right direction. 

William W. Crist


Syracuse Catholic Schools

Arch/diocesan schools that have been using EWI Catholic School Improvement Surveys include:

 The data from the Catholic School Improvement Surveys have improved our retention efforts by helping us focus on the needs of our customer. Schools have used the data to develop marketing strategies that promote what our current customers tell us we are doing well.

The survey and data remind us we are in a customer service business. 

Nick Regina

President, Melbourne Catholic High School

Former Deputy Secretary, Enrollment and Marketing,

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools

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