Unintentional team cultures often result in lack of unity, “can’t win” attitudes, and unfocused or uneven performance. Culture is what team members believe is expected of them, attitudes about what is possible in competition, and the norms for practice and off-the-field behaviors. Coaching for intentional culture ensures success.


Understanding the culture of your team is the essential step towards getting the competitive edge. Our assessment process will:

  • Identify current team culture trajectory and provide actionable insights for improvement.
  • Assist with risk assessment and management.
  • Inform coaches’ performance review and professional development.
  • Ensure legitimacy, confidentiality, and efficiency, as well as safety, trust, and fairness for all stakeholders.
Sport Team Culture

Sample Report

Team Culture data report consists of a Summary Report, item-by-item Frequencies and Means tables, and open-ended Feedback.

Key to Data Report

Summary Report: Extract

Among programs that have been using EWI Culture Assessment and Development tools and strategies to strengthen the culture of their teams are:

  The Team Culture surveys are written by professionals who know how to get the information they are trying to get. Results are presented to the team as an evaluation of the program as a whole, themselves included, which drastically changes the dynamic of the whole exercise. The information we receive feels like a tool versus customer service results… these surveys can absolutely change our coaching experience. 

Division I Collegiate Softball Coach

Watch this video to learn more about the Sport Team Culture Assessment process – what it addresses, what it collects and why you need it!

This links gives you free access to the NFCA presentation by Dr. Matt Davidson and Coach Jessica Allister on CoachTube (you will need to create a free CoachTube account if you don't have one).


We will help you act upon your data results — the second essential step towards getting the competitive edge.

We will work with you to design customized solutions based on our research-based framework. Our proven tools and strategies will help your coaches become experts in strength and conditioning of your team’s culture and character.

 The Excellence with Integrity Team Culture Assessments give our coaches and administrators a rigorous and relevant team culture snapshot, which we have found to be invaluable for helping our teams navigate the changes and challenges that take place in every team.

We use the Team Culture Assessments for and with our coaches as a TOOL FOR continuous culture improvement for and with our coaches-NOT a weapon against them. The Institute’s assessment and development expertise provides our department the support we need to achieve excellence with integrity. 

Jacquie Joseph

Assistant Athletic Director

Michigan State Athletics

 Matt Davidson was a trusted guide helping our team shape the uncommon culture needed to win our first ever Men’s Soccer National Championship in 2022.

Matt and the Institute’s Excellence with Integrity Tools and Assessments remain an essential part of building our team culture to achieve excellence with integrity. 

Ian McIntyre

Head Coach

SU Men’s Soccer

 The Excellence with Integrity Culture Assessment is instrumental in my work with high-level teams and organizations in athletic, corporate and non-profit sectors.

It is research-based, user-friendly, and provides me with essential data to guide my clients in their culture development process. 

Trevor Tierney

Tierney Consulting, LLC

Former Collegiate and Professional Lacrosse Goalie


Distinctive sport team culture is the foundational aspect of our collaboration with the athletics departments at Le Moyne College, The University of Scranton, and Fairfield University.

Read more about the underlying theory and practice in the paper that was originally presented at the 2016 Vatican Conference, Sport at the Service of Humanity, and published in the Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal.

 The Excellence with Integrity culture assessment is vital in our efforts to mentor coaches, monitor risk and develop team culture. We use the results as part of our performance review process with each coach and team.

In addition, the Institute helped us customize our assessment to provide unique data on our Jesuit mission and values. 

Dave Martin

Director of Athletics

University of Scranton

Dave Martin

 The Sport Team Culture Assessment is a comprehensive tool that has allowed our administrators, coaches and student-athletes to dig deeper within the culture of a team. By looking at trends, alignments/misalignments and numbers within the data, we are able to identify strengths and potential weaknesses within a team culture that we may not have been able to recognize without the assessment.

The data provides an invaluable overview that yields to intentional and strategic conversations with our coaches about the undercurrents and inner-workings of their programs beyond the X's and O's. This tool allows us to gauge and blend a commitment to department values, goals and culture with our student-athlete skills and talents for optimal performance and maximum success in sport and, ultimately, whole-person development. 

Jen Fabian

Assistant Athletics Director

Le Moyne College

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