Excellence with Integrity Theory

Our work is informed by theory of human and organizational development and over 20 years of our own applied research. These are our core tools and strategies.

Leading through Culture and Character

Leadership through Culture and Character Development

Intentional culture and intentional habits and mindset of the people are at the core of each team’s or organization’s success.

Guided by this framework, we will help leaders unpack the mission and vision of their teams or organizations, and to shape an intentional culture and build people competencies that will lead to mission success.

Keys to Performance

Our CHAMP framework helps leaders of all kinds (coaches, managers, mentors, teachers) to tap into the full potential of their people and their mission.

No matter what your goals or objectives, our proven tools and strategies aligned with CHAMP will guide your improvement efforts toward excellence, efficiency, and sustainability.

Synergy of Excellence, Integrity, Self Development, Team Development

Our applied research and development work of over 20 years shows that a pathway to optimal performance lies through a synergy of excellence, integrity, individual growth and balance, and the culture of teamwork and community.

We will help you define optimal performance for your team or organization, measure it, and leverage the factors that nurture and sustain it.


Read more about our underlying theory and practice of team culture assessment and development in the article published in the summer 2019 issue of The Journal of Character & Leadership Development at the Center for Character and Leadership Development at the United States Air Force Academy.