School culture shapes many aspects of student experiences: from feeling safe and supported to the norms about learning, to the interactions through which students internalize emotional and social competencies such as grit, responsibility, civility, and citizenship. Creating a strong intentional culture is the fundamental pathway towards achieving excellence with integrity.


Culture of Excellence & Ethics Assessment School surveys have been in development since 2005 and have been utilized by K-12 education organizations and educational researchers in the U.S. and across the world, including Kenya, Singapore, Mongolia, Costa Rica, South Africa, China, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Africa, India, and the Philippines.

Recognized as valid and reliable instruments by OSDFS experts, CEEA surveys are included in the federal School Climate Survey Compendium.

The validity of the survey findings is enhanced by including parallel items and scales into student, staff, and parent surveys, which allows for triangulation of the results. You can read about psychometrics of the survey here.

Sample Surveys

1) Secondary Level Student CEEA Survey (High and Middle Schools)
Online Sample

2) Secondary Level Faculty/Staff CEEA Survey (High and Middle Schools)
Online Sample

Use “TestM” or “TestH” to log in into both student and staff survey to view its content.

3) Elementary Level Student CEEA Survey (grades 4-6)
Online Sample

4) Elementary Level Faculty/Staff CEEA Survey
Online Sample

Use “TestE” to log in into both student and staff survey to view its content.

5) Parent CEEA Survey (all levels)
Online Sample

Use “TestM” or “TestH” to log in into the survey to view its content.

Sample Reports

A set of files comprising a CEEA data report for a school consists of a Summary Report and item-by-item Frequencies and Means for Students Faculty and Staff, and (if collected) Parent surveys.

Key to Data Report

Secondary Level:

Summary Report (extract)

Student Item Tables (extract)

Faculty & Staff Item Tables (extract)

Parent Item Tables (extract)

Elementary Level:

Summary Report (extract)

Student Item Tables (extract)


After you have collected and reviewed your school’s culture data, you can use the Excellence with Integrity ESSENTIALS series to create powerful learning experiences and develop essential 21st-century social, emotional, and character competencies among your students.

Knowing from your data which areas you need to support or improve will help you choose which of the ESSENTIALS modules will best suit your needs.

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We credit our work with the Institute as a major factor contributing to the achievement of the National Schools of Character award. Results from the CEEA survey enabled our school to create focused, data-driven goals. Professional development and the implementation of Excellence with Integrity tools resulted in measurable growth in the targeted areas.

Sue Gager

Former PCSD school counselor