Matt Cole

Matt is the Founder/CEO of New Ground Learning, an educational consulting practice that provides leadership services to school districts and coaching services to EdTech companies. Drawing on his 24 years as a public educator, with the last decade serving as a school superintendent, he offers practical, pragmatic, and innovative insights into fostering well-being within an organization, cultivating common purpose and collective commitment through Same Page Leading, creating high performance, results-focused experiences, cracking-the-code for aligning aspirations with perspirations, and calibrating strategy for intentional, high performance.

As a facilitator, coach, or consultant, he provides process-minded, results-oriented strategic leadership and experiences to leaders and institutions in the private and public sectors. Whether acting as a leadership coach, workshop facilitator, or keynote speaker, he engages learners in developing an intentional culture of continuous improvement to ensure equity in opportunity and access for all to pursue excellence driven by empowerment and efficacy.

Matt also serves on the Board of Directors of the Institute for Education Innovation (IEI) and is a partner for K12Spark.