University of Denver Athletics

University of Denver Athletics

Denver University Athletics engaged with the Institute through Trevor Tierney, a certified Excellence with Integrity Assessment and Development Coach. DU Athletics utilized Trevor’s expertise to provide external support for the ongoing professional development of coaches and whole-person development of its student-athletes. This work incorporated the Institute’s Excellence with Integrity Leadership Essentials modules, research-based knowledge, strategies and tools around essential topics needed for optimal performance, including integrity, goal achievement, communication, attitude and effort, resilience, and growth mindset.

Integrating the Institute’s materials, Trevor created customized “workout sessions” for coaches and student-athletes designed to educate stakeholders about cutting-edge theory, research and practice, while simultaneously guiding an ongoing dialogue among them. These “culture workouts” allowed stakeholders to adapt and adopt new knowledge and tools, and to build a culture of trust and truth around the real-world challenges of putting the values and strategies of Excellence with Integrity into action.

The Intentional Culture Development process implemented the Excellence with Integrity CHAMP methodology to foster optimal performance through Clarity of expectations and communication, making (and breaking) of Habits, Accountability that measures what matters, and Mindset to see these culture assets as necessary for optimal performance.

The DU department-level work was followed in 2018-2019 by more intensive assessment and development engagements with several individual teams including Men’s Soccer and Lacrosse.