Pittsford Schools

The Pittsford Central School District has worked with IEE for nearly a decade on a variety of projects. Through the first years of working together the district elected to adopt a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) framework of excellence and ethics, emphasizing performance and moral character. Our work has included professional development available to K-12 staff, assessment using the Culture of Excellence and Ethics Assessment (CEEA) surveys, and support or special projects for individual buildings. The district purchased the right to utilize Excellence With Integrity Tools for all nine schools. One of the first schools to work closely with IEE was Allen Creek Elementary School, which was recognized by the Character Education Partnership as a National School of Character in 2012.

 We credit our work with IEE as a major factor contributing to the achievement of the NSOC award. Results from the IEE survey enabled our school to create focused, data-driven goals. Professional development and the implementation of IEE tools including the Touchstone, Compact for Excellence, Effort and Attitude Rubric and Goal Setting Map resulted in measurable growth in the targeted areas. These tools have been fully embedded into the culture of our school. It is how we do business, being our best selves and doing our best work. 

Sue Gager

Former PCSD school counselor

Sue Gager was the school counselor at Allen Creek Elementary School from 1992-2015. Since her retirement in 2015, she works as a consultant for the Pittsford Central School District.