Le Moyne Athletics


As part of its ongoing efforts to provide a “premier Division II Jesuit Athletic Experience,” the Le Moyne College Athletics Department partnered with the Institute to help uncover the core values representative of a deep and intentionally shared culture in the athletic department.

 We did not set out to simply recite a mantra replicating the values inherent to Jesuit education. Our deepest aspirations were to translate those values into the daily activities and actions of our athletic community. Once we began to uncover and to more fully embrace the values and traditions of Jesuit education, we quickly came to understand that many of those values and traditions aligned perfectly with the most aspirational goals of intercollegiate athletics. 

 Inside the L has become the framework for a deeply intentional, shared, and sustainable culture for Le Moyne College athletics. We have developed a culture based on the most fundamental Jesuit ideals and core values, translated into the highest aspirational goals of intercollegiate athletic participation, which can be monitored and measured for predictability and success. 

Matt Bassett

Assistant Vice President and Director of Athletics

Go to the INSIDE THE L website to view this approach in action.

Excellence with Integrity Team Culture Assessment

A former Major League Baseball Pitcher and a veteran college baseball coach, Scott Cassidy knows the ups and downs of competition. Having had his share of success, he also has worked through some tough times. For a couple of back-to-back seasons his Division II Le Moyne College Baseball team struggled, winning only 19 games in 2014 and ending the 2015 season with only 14 wins, the lowest win total of his nine year coaching tenure at Le Moyne.

At the close of the 2015 season Cassidy and his staff and team began to work in earnest with the data from their Excellence with Integrity Culture Assessment. The team took a good hard look at their perceptions of strengths and areas for improvement. Much of what they found wasn’t about ability or material resources, but mostly about their individual and collective habits.

The team focused on intentional culture development and over the next three years they went on to win 27, 28 and then 34 games in 2018. Coach Cassidy describes the impact of the Culture Assessment process this way:

 We really struggled; this survey is a direct reason why we have improved. The EWI Culture Assessment has been a great tool for me as a coach to identify what we do well and what we need improvement on within the pillars of our Inside the L department culture. 

 With the responses from these surveys, it’s right in front of your face, where we used to have some red, because we weren’t doing it right, we now have no red left on our sheet. And now we know what we are doing well, and even when we are in the green, we can still look at the percentages and say look we drifted a little down there so we have to attack something else. 

Scott Cassidy

Former Major League Baseball Player, Current Head Baseball Coach