Fairfield University Athletics

In spring 2018 Fairfield University Athletic Department engaged the Institute to help drive forward its year-long mission audit, which was initiated by the new Athletic Director, Paul Schlickmann. The goal of the project was to synthesize the data that had been gathered through the preceding audit process and to create cohesive and compelling vision and mission statements to guide the department in the pursuit of its goal for mission excellence and optimal performance.

The mission exploration included an in-depth examination of the Jesuit mission values that have steered Ignatian education for hundreds of years, as well as integration of the updated vision, philosophy, goals and priorities of Fairfield University as articulated by the new University President, Dr. Mark Nemec.

The Institute crafted a customized process to engage stakeholders in a series of interviews and focus groups intended to arrive at a shared animating vision that authentically reflects the strategic intent of the University. Over a six-month period the Institute guided the department through a complete brand remake that resulted in five key process artifacts underlying the Athletic Department’s ongoing intentional culture development process. These strategic documents included Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Mission Touchstone (i.e., Culture Commitments), Motto, and Brand Promise.

Moving forward the Institute will continue to assist Fairfield Athletic Department in their quest toward the full realization of their unique department culture through intentional focus on Clarity of expectations and communication, intentional Habits, Accountability about what matters, and Mindset focused on growth and optimal performance. The Institute will support Fairfield’s ongoing efforts to introduce intentional programming that is differentiated and tiered to match the particular needs of their teams and their evolving outcome goals. The Institute will also assist with the assessment of the department and team culture development process to benchmark progress and drive continuous improvement.