Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools

Culture of Continuous Improvement

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools engaged the Institute to customize the Catholic School Improvement Survey for Parents around the AOPS core values and continuous improvement process. The survey is used in 124 Elementary and 16 High Schools throughout the Archdiocese. The Institute created an online portal for data collection and produced reports broken down by school, grade level, and county. The Institute presented the survey results to principals and presidents and created tools and strategies for a continuous improvement process so that each school could identify the drivers and preventers of school success. Our assessment and development tools continue to assist the Archdiocese in shaping data-driven school improvement habits, which are instrumental in its efforts to create a systemic culture of excellence.

 The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is committed to a new growth mindset that moves Catholic education from hospice to hope. There is a clear path forward for a bright and vibrant future for our schools as we continue to partner with organizations like IEE. We have found that their work is perfectly aligned to our aspiration of equipping saints for life in this world and the next. IEE’s laser focus on informative data as a tool for growth, has been invaluable to us as an organization. 

Christopher Mominey

Chief Operating Officer and Secretary for Education