Vladimir Khmelkov, Ph.D.

Vice-President and Director of Research and Technology.

Since 2000, Dr. Khmelkov has been collaborating with Dr. Davidson on research and advocacy with a special emphasis on fostering the culture of excellence with integrity among individuals and organizations. At the Institute, he continues to focus on development and implementation of assessment and instructional resources for educational organizations, workforce preparation and athletic settings, and various workplace environments. Dr. Khmelkov also serves as the Treasurer of the Institute Board.

Before co-founding the Excellence with Integrity Institute, Dr. Khmelkov was a senior research analyst in the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research at the University of Notre Dame and served as research consultant for the Notre Dame Center for Ethical Education. He has been engaged in research projects and published on socio-moral development of individuals and social organizational characteristics of schools and other organizations for over 25 years. He has served as co-principal investigator or external evaluator on multiple federal and private foundation grants.