Inform your organization’s image, impact, improvement, and accountability efforts by gathering data from people who matter most.

The first essential step in performance leadership is gathering insights into the current state of your organization. Our assessment strategies are informed by theory and by 20 years of applied research in human and organizational development. Our tools have been tested in multiple iterations and locations and proven to be psychometrically strong, constructive in focus, and efficient in implementation. They include Excellence with Integrity ASSESSMENT surveys of performance culture in teams and organizations and Optimal Performance Assessment instruments for mentoring and coaching.

Workplace Culture

High performance leadership of the organization creates an intentional culture needed to achieve desired performance. Understanding the current state of the culture and having tools for shaping it is an essential component of leadership for success.

The Workplace Team Culture survey gathers insights on the competencies and the culture that either detract from or contribute to organizational excellence. The results are used to take performance to a new level.

Sport Team Culture

Culture is what team members believe is expected of them, attitudes about what is possible in competition, and the norms for practice and off-the-field behaviors. Understanding and intentionally shaping the culture of the team is essential for getting the competitive edge.

The Sport Team Culture survey seeks insights both about the team culture among athletes and about the coaching practices that shape how athletes compete. The results help coaches strengthen athletes’ performance in competition and in life.

The Human Capital Survey was conducted by the Greater Des Moines Partnership, The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University, and the Excellence with Integrity Institute. Greater Des Moines residents have again responded with high marks in critical areas that indicate we have vibrant communities and an engaged workforce.

J. Scott Raecker

Executive Director, The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University

Catholic School Improvement

To help Catholic schools improve enrollment, retention and student experience in a focused, sustainable and systematic way, we assist with gathering, understanding, and acting on information about:

Parent Priorities
College, Career, and Life Readiness
Quality of Teaching and Learning

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School Culture and Climate

Culture of Excellence & Ethics Assessment School (CEEA) surveys for students, staff, and parents measure cultural assets needed for an academically engaging environment and a safe and supportive culture.

Recognized as valid and reliable instruments by OSDFS experts, CEEA surveys are included in the federal School Climate Survey Compendium.